Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

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Your yard is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. A green and lush lawn that is mowed properly is beautiful and elegant. If you want to achieve this, you might have to hire a yard care company.  

However, you’ve got to ask the correct questions before you hire someone to manage your lawn. Doing your research early on will lead to hiring the ideal company to help with your yard work. It will help you achieve the best-looking yard possible.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Here are several important questions you should ask a yard care Victoria company before hiring them: 

Do You Provide Free Quotes? 

You should not sign up with a service provider before you’ve got a clear idea of how much this crucial service will cost. You should know upfront what the fees will be. Make sure you know what is included in the overall cost. Ask if there are any additional charges or fees for anything. This can include trying to revive dead patches, mowing uneven spots, or filling any holes in the lawn.  

Ensure you know what is and what isn’t included so that you do not find unexpected surprises down the line.  

A lawn care company that will ask for a fee after giving you an estimate is a warning sign. You should not consider them. Initial consultations and estimates should be free always. 

What Services Are Included? 

The company should include lawn mowing in their regular lawn maintenance services at the bare minimum. Furthermore, guarantee that the provider will take care of other things. This includes: 

  • Edging 

You need to cut the edges of your lawn. These spots cannot always be reached using a lawnmower. They require additional attention using the right equipment.  

  • Trimming 

Aside from mowing the lawn, a lawn care company has to trim the grass growing around posts, trees, or fences. If you ignore this step, your lawn will still appear unkempt.  

  • Even and Neat Look 

Your newly mowed grass should have a neat look with an even height across the lawn.  

Furthermore, you have to be happy with the length that the lawn mowing service provider cuts down to. Your lawn might suffer and develop dry/dead patches if it is too shortOn the other hand, your lawn will appear overgrown as soon as possible if the grass is too long. A professional lawn care company will know the best length when it comes to mowing various forms of grasses.  

What If I am Not Happy with the Job? 

This is a great question. If you feel that the job is not properly done, what recourses do you have? For instance, the lawn has been unevenly mowed, the areas around the posts aren’t properly trimmed, or the edges aren’t maintained.  

A professional lawn care company should be able to communicate these type of things. They should listen to your feedback, complaints, and preferences. They should adapt based on your needs. Look for another company if they aren’t willing to listen. 

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