Typical Reasons Why Your Car Engine Fails?

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Once you see that the light of your “check engine” is on, you might need to be alarmed right now. In fact, these can get worse once the engine malfunctions and you are stuck in deciding either to change the entire engine or your vehicle. Though this is unavoidable at times, here are the following tips you can do to help keep this from occurring. Knowing what the major causes of why your engine fail play a massive role in this. Here are some of the reasons you should pay attention: 

Not flushing engine coolant 

How frequently do you flush your vehicle’s engine coolant? If you do not do this every a couple of years, then this can make your engine overheat pretty easily that can result in failure. Once you observe that your vehicle has been overheating, then refuse to drive it immediately. Instead, take it to a reputable mechanic to diagnose what’s wrong with your car.  

Engine flooding 

As you drive through places with severe flooding or heavy rain, this causes your engine to be damaged. The only way to determine whether your engine is either damaged or not is to go to a professional mechanic or auto detailing service to provide and have your vehicle inspected.  

Check your engine later        

Your “check engine” light has turned on, however, nothing appears to be wrong so why consider going to the mechanic? You should never think like this if you’re experiencing this. Even if you think that it’s just a simple error, you need to have it checked just to make sure the reason behind it. When something causes engine failure, ignoring is the last thing you need to do. Otherwise, it will cost you more bucks along the way, which can even result in the potential need to replace it sooner or later.  

Failing to change your oil 

For your vehicle, oil is the most vital energy source. Hence, you need to guarantee to have your oil changed regularly. Once you don’t pay attention to your engine, this can be the reason why it will fail over time. If you’re unsure how frequently you need to get your oil changes done, read your owner’s manual.  

Leaking oil 

Perhaps you can observe some oil stains in your driveway but just decide to brush them off thinking that it’s the stains that exist before moving in. But, these can actually come from your vehicle, which can imply that you are losing quite some oil without even knowing it. Sadly, this indicates less oil for your engine to run, making it dysfunctional eventually. To help prevent this, always look after stains anywhere your car has been—particularly in your driveway. Yellow or brown are indicators of oil while some colors may indicate that other fluids are leaking as well. 

If you feel that your vehicle is experiencing the issues stated above, feel free to reach out to your trusted mechanic right away for you to prevent aggravating the issue.  


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